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Found Yourself Remote Working? Take a Leaf out of a Virtual Assistant’s Book

As more people find themselves working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic—either remote working for an employer or having lost their job and starting afresh—interest in creating an efficient and professional SoHo environment is blooming.

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Backup your Business with Email Archiving Software

I recently advised a client to archive and backup their email before a move to a new hosting company, which required hunting down some email archiving software that would work on their Windows/Outlook set up and be straightforward to use. The right archiving software will connect direct to your IMAP/POP3 email accounts as well as a range of popular email programs—or is that old fashioned now, perhaps apps would be more apt.

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You’ve ditched the plastic bags, how about trying ‘eco fonts’?

Eco fonts are cleverly designed to reduce the amount of ink required while keeping your message crystal clear. For example, Ryman Eco, a free font from retailer Ryman, uses an average of 33% less ink than standard fonts.

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