Welcome to The Freelancealot Herald, in other words… the Freelancealot.co.uk Blog. Currently there are two writers / editors, the partners of Freelancealot.co.uk: Tracy Shorrock (TS) and Andrew Cartwright (AC).

Our tag line says it all ‘Think Smart, Think Virtual Assistant’. We’ll be covering all matters that relate to the virtual assistant industry and freelance working. Our view is this: a virtual assistant is someone who ‘supports a business or individual remotely‘, whether that be with long-term clients or ad-hoc projects. We don’t just see ourselves as ‘virtual assistants’, but also as freelancers working off site (in our own office and not the client’s)—working remotely, if you will.

We hope to entice the occasional external contributor with a background in or connection to the various issues covered in our online publication, The Freelancealot Herald. So, if you have an idea for a post you’d think would be of interest to our readers, then please contact us via our online contact form. Of course, there is no renumeration involved if we accept the piece, but there would be a link to your website [useful for SEO].

Tracy Shorrock

Andrew Cartwright

Andrew Cartwright is the sound engineer and resident musician at Musineer Productions. He has many years of experience performing live music and working in recording studios in London, Amsterdam, and Milan. He now works mainly in his home studio. A one-time lecturer of Music & Audio Technology for Tamworth & Lichfield Colleges in the Midlands,

On the creative side he produces music in many styles from electro to classical. You can listen to a couple of tracks, including ‘You Must Be Free; You Will Have Democracy’ on the audio player below or visit Musineer Productions on SoundCloud.