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Freelance Sound Editor

Freelancealot's audio services include:

  • Original music/sounds exclusively crafted for your project
  • Digital sound editing
  • Time-shrinking

Provided in partnership with Musineer Productions we provide personalised audio recording services specialising in original music and sound effects. We can provide exceptional sound-tracks/effects and voiceovers for websites, film projects, home videos, and animation.

Sound Effects & Original Soundtracks

Sound effects for Hidden Treasure Cove website

Our client needed original sounds for her antique jewellery website (Hidden Treasure Cove) so Andrew crafted some fun sound effects including 'Land Ahoy!' for the landing page.

Atmospheric music for art film project

Andrew's brief was to provide a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack for a collective art project titled 'Cultural Luggage' to be broadcast on a Dutch TV station. Watch the video on YouTube.

We can create sound effects for specific events (such as clicking a button on your website, or moments on film), or edit a recording to your requirements. Whether you want the dynamic pulsing-vibrancy of urban 21st-century sounds to add punch to your visual message, or tranquil background sounds to enhance the evocation of an era or mood, we can create the audio you need.

Sound Engineering and Editing

Do you have a unique recording with lots of unwanted hiss, coughs, and 'erms'? Send it to us and we'll return a cleaned-up version ready to use. Freelancealot can time-shrink your recording, for example reducing the time of your speech recording (a podcast for instance) by removing the silences and quickening the delivery without creating a squeaky voice.

About the Musician

1000th Influence CD EPAndrew has many years of experience performing live music and working in recording studios in London, Amsterdam, and Milan. In his 30s he released the 1000th Influence EP—played on BBC Radio—recorded and produced under his own recording label Musineer Productions. The CD was packaged in a black pyramid, cleverly designed by Andrew to be cut out in one piece. He has also been a Lecturer of Music and Audio Technology for Tamworth & Lichfield Colleges in the Midlands. Andrew now works mainly from his home studio in the Caribbean.