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Secretary Away? Dictating a Manuscript? Interviews to Transcribe?

Outsource your digital audio transcription to Freelancealot.

We transcribe:

  • Business correspondence and reports;
  • One-to-one interviews, market research interviews, telephone interviews;
  • Inventories;
  • Video.

Freelancealot provides a fast and accurate digital transcription service—send us your audio files and we'll return a word-for-word transcript. We work with both British and American spelling and punctuation.

Industries and subjects covered include (but are not limited to) publishing, real estate, property surveyors and valuers, legal services, journalism, business, medical and healthcare, law, finance, science and technology, information technology, music, history, psychology, politics, and the arts.

We accept most digital audio formats produced by voice recorders, mobile phones, PC software, etc., including .mp3, .dss, .wma, .aif (iPhone files), and .wav.

We also supply transcripts of video. Files can be submitted in most digital formats. Please contact us for further information if you require this service.

Files can be returned in the following formats: Word, RTF (Rich Text Format), plain text, Excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint slide, PDF, or HTML. Please note this is not an extensive list and you should ask us if the format you require is not listed.

Guideline Rates

  • Single speaker starting at £1.60 per audio minute
  • One-to-one interviews starting at £1.80 per audio minute

The rates listed above are posted here as a guideline only and based on a 3-5 day turnaround. Each project is priced individually according to three main factors (see Transcription Notes below). To receive a quote please contact us with details of your audio transcription project.

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Work Examples

Transcription for an online newsletter published twice monthly.

Transcribing interviews with long-term residents for a Lottery-funded project by the Colton History Society

Transcribing inventories of fixtures and fittings for a property valuer.

Transcribing interviews by Ian Fraser, freelance journalist, with top banking and financial executives from around the world for the BBC documentary on Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin.

Transcribing training videos for Tom Maddocks, Media Training Associates.

Transcription Notes

It takes approximately three hours to transcribe an hour of recorded speech, and this will increase with the number of speakers and the nature of the recording. For example, it can take six hours and more to transcribe an hour of conference material including keynote speakers and Q&A sessions.

The clearer the recording, the quicker it takes; so rates are based on (1) the quality of the recording, (2) the clarity of the voices, and (3) the number of speakers.