New Service: Voicemail Recording for Sole Traders and Start Ups is happy to announce a new service for small businesses and sole traders: voice recording for telephone voicemail messages.

Over the years we’ve been asked by several clients to record the voicemail messages their callers hear during out-of-office hours, when they’re in a meeting, or when their phone line is busy. This gave us the idea of offering this service to businesses that aren’t already using our virtual assistant services.

As a sole trader, entrepreneur, or start-up business you need to make sure you give the right impression on all occasions, and that includes the message your potential, and current, clients hear when they phone and no one is available to take the call.

Why not record it yourself? Well, you may have a strong regional accent, a speech impediment, or perhaps you just want a friendly female voice to greet your customers. This is where the new service offered by Freelancealot comes in.

All we need to make a professional-sounding recording for your business phone are: your personalised message, choice of female or male voice, the phone number, and the pin code to gain access to the voicemail recording functions. If you use a system that accepts digital audio files (WAV, MP3, etc), we can of course provide these as well. It couldn’t be easier!

And at £15 for a standard-length voice message for UK land-line customers, Freelancealot’s voicemail recording service won’t break the bank.

Customers outside England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland should contact for a quote if they require a live recording on their phone rather than a digital file.

Contact today to book your voice recording,

[WARNINGBlatant Horn-blowing Ahead: Please visit the audio services page on to learn more about our freelance audio offerings, which include sound editing, sound effects, music composition, and much more.]

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