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Freelance Business Support—Work Smarter in 2014!

Overwhelmed BusinessmanWith 2014 just around the corner many small-business owners are rushing to complete projects before the year’s end while also planning their operating strategies and budgets for the new year. Some will be dreaming of a better work-life balance as they realise that running a business on their own consumes far too much of their time. Some will be looking at how they can keep costs down while growing the business and maintaining quality and efficiency. There will also be startups preparing to launch their new ventures in 2014 and wondering how they will afford to employ people with the skills required to make the business a success.

Whether it be fine-tuning their work-life balance, keeping their running costs down, or ensuring they have the right people with the right skills and experience, there’s a simple solution: make good use of freelance business support services.

For existing home-based businesses, outsourcing daily tasks and projects to off-site freelancers is a viable solution to expansion rather than taking on the costs of additional office space and equipment. For some startups the overheads and paperwork involved in employing experienced full-time staff are just too much to consider, so hiring skilled freelancers who simply send an invoice for work done is one way to get off the ground with minimum cost and effort.

Freelance business support covers a wide range of services. For example, a startup can hire an experienced virtual assistant (aka freelance PA) to handle day-to-day secretarial and admin tasks,  such as responding to email enquiries, setting up and maintaining a CRM system, scheduling meetings with new prospects, locating suppliers and ordering supplies. To ensure that print and online content delivers a consistent message, a freelance editorial assistant can be hired to manage and coordinate external communications and marketing campaigns. It’s not just about copy-editing and proofreading: an editorial assistant can carry out research, conduct interviews for quotes, commission artwork, source stock images, and distribute press releases.

The above is just a small example of how freelance business support services can be used. There’s a deep pool of experienced virtual assistants and freelancers offering a range of skills into which small-business owners can dip.

There are currently 2.5 million home-based businesses in the UK[1] alone. Some of these business owners will have already figured out how to run their business efficiently and balance their time between work and pleasure, while others continue to wonder how it’s done. The answer is simple: think smart and master the art of delegation.

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1. Home business owners prevalent in the UK as number tops 2.5 million (, August 2013)

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