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Do I Need a Virtual Personal Assistant in My Life?

It may not be a question on your mind right now, but here are just a few examples of why you may need a virtual assistant (VA) in your life.

Were you one of those unfortunate travellers to get caught up in the disruption of flights into the UK caused by the volcanic ash recently?

In my capacity as a personal assistant, my client was able to email me from his hotel in New York to tell me his flight from JFK to Gatwick was grounded. I was able to phone around the airlines to get him on the next flight out, so he could get home to his wife and baby girl. I was also able to arrange the refund from the original airline he was due to fly out with.

You and your friends got together and decided it would be great fun to rent a holiday villa this summer. You’ve even decided on the country you want to go to. That all sounded great around the dinner table, but who among you will have the time to research location, villas, flights, car hire…?

My client was able to pass the task on to me the next day and his friends were able to relax in the knowledge that it was all being taken care of. I did some research and pulled together a list of villas with all the required information: facilities, nearest town, walking distance to beach, costs, etc, etc. My client was able to email the list to his friends, and they are currently making their final decision. Once the decision has been made, I will be booking the villa and hire car, along with the flights for my client and his wife.

You’re responsible for organising your annual university team fund-raising event. You’ve managed in previous years, but it’s getting more poplular and you’re getting busier. Wouldn’t it be nice if you  could delegate some of the event organisation to someone else this year?

For the past three years I have been helping a client organise a dinner event for his old university rowing team. Once the invitations have been sent out, I’m given the task of collating the names of all those who have shown an interest in attending. I then send out a confirmation email to gather information on the number and names of guests each person will be bringing to the dinner, any dietary requirements that need to passed to the chef at the venue. I answer any queries that people may have— and they can contact me directly on a dedicated phone number for this client. I liaise with the venue staff to make sure the table layout is correct, and design place-setting cards for the table. I make arrangements to receive payments from confirmed guests and collate information on who has and hasn’t paid. Follow-up emails are sent, and the final tally is sent to my client.

I am able to save my client time by taking on these tasks, which leaves him more time to concentrate on work and spend time with his family.

Above are just three examples of how I’ve supported one particular client recently whilst acting as his personal assistant.

Now ask yourself the question: Do I need a virtual personal assistant in my life?

If the answer is yes, please don’t hesitate to contact to find out more. You can also visit our Secretarial Services page on our main website.