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Flying Ducks Create Captivating Conferences

Have you been assigned the task of organising the company’s 2010 annual conference? Or perhaps a new video production. The brief was along the very vague lines of ‘make it interesting‘, ‘something different‘, ‘something people will be talking about for years‘. And now, as the enormity of the task finally hits you, you’re having a slight panicky moment. Well read on.

Flying Ducks LogoWe’ve come across a company who’ll probably be able to put a smile on your face again. Flying Ducks is a Staffordshire-based business that have been producing conferences, gala dinners, and unusual video projects for twenty years.

Their catalogue of memorable conferences includes a “brilliantly-scripted whodunit with a twist in the tale.  A set with all the panache of a West End production.” Or how about your very own version of the ‘The Apprentice’? Or customised spoofs of ‘Dragon’s Den’, ‘The Weakest Link’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’—you name it.

The company founder is David Tristram, one of the country’s most popular comedy playwrights, so there’s no shortage of creative ideas, and all the production skills and equipment are in-house. In fact, Flying Ducks are currently producing their first Indie movie, due to be completed later this year.

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting for your business conference or an unusual angle on your video, then visit Flying Ducks for further information.

Whether you’re a virtual assistant assigned the task of organising a gala dinner for a client, or an event organiser who’s been hired to organise an annual corporate conference, or a small business needing a video that has to stand out from the crowd, the team at Flying Ducks could be just the people you’re looking for.

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