Now this is what Twitter should be like every day!

TwitterThere I was, scrolling aimlessly through the barrage of Tweets (pointlessly) telling me that Celebrity A, B, or C has done something or other with their (boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, outfit, makeup, children, cat/car… )—and cheesy quotes from people I’ve never heard of or, even worse, eminent scientists who’d probably shudder at their words being used with such frivolous abandonment/inappropriateness—when I finally came across a Tweet that piqued my interest. The Tweet in question was by @edeckers, President of Professional Blog Service.

New post: Stop Using These Business Jargon Terms. You Sound Pretentious.″

It was refreshing to read a post with the sentence: ‘Here are five other words you need to stop saying, because they make you sound like a pretentious snot’. And, Mr. Deckers ends the piece with: ‘The point of jargon is to make hard words easier to understand and say. But with the exception of substituting the three-syllable “company” with the single syllable “brand,” none of these jargony terms make life easier. If anything, they make it more difficult.’

Ah, sweet clarity, it means a lot you see; it even brings the non-existent poet out in me! 🙂

But I digress. Back to today’s highly entertaining social media break in the Freelancealot office. I quoted @edeckers in a Tweet and added: ‘Add “paradigm shift” and “revert” —>’. As with most of my Tweets I wasn’t expecting a response but, and you could have blown me down with a feather, up one popped AND it wasn’t from the original Tweeter. It was @CloudAcCo with:

@Freelancealot @edeckers been a while since I played bullsh*t bingo. Remember “low hanging fruit” and “the gift that keeps giving“? “

Well, the game was truly afoot. A response to the response was required.

@CloudAcCo ‘been a while since I played bullsh*t bingo.’ <– I’ll play, and I respond with ‘transitioning’ @edeckers”

Then came @CloudAcCo’s parry;

@Freelancealot I’ll see your ‘transitioning’ and raise you ‘best of breed ownership’

They were obviously on the ball and I needed to up my game, so [thock] I returned the Tweet and put the ball firmly back in their court.

@CloudAcCo ‘…and raise you “best of breed ownership”‘ <– D*mn, you’re good! I’ll follow your lead with ‘sacred cow’ and ‘In order to…’.”

A momentary pause and I thought maybe, just maybe, they’ve run out of nonsense business jargon to Tweet about … then they came back full force, both barrels loaded.

@Freelancealot let’s brain storm this and see if we can reverse engineer a level playing field.

I had to end this quick or I’d be tapping out, defeated, in my first game of online ‘Bullish*t Bingo’. I couldn’t let that happen. So I gathered up my skirts, put my eggs in one basket, and typed for all I was worth:

@CloudAcCo ‘…reverse engineer a level playing field.” @@ I’ll literally touch base later with a ball park figure and some blue-sky thinking

Touch down!

I didn’t wait for a response; I hightailed it out of there. There was work to be done … serious work.

This type of  interaction on Twitter would have me typing in my password far more often.  My thanks to @eDeckers for initially grabbing my attention long enough to follow his link and, of course, to my ‘Bullsh*t Bingo’ opponent @CloudAcCo I say: ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ (ref: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, of course).

In conclusion: social media is far more appealing when people engage in spontaneous and witty interaction. It shouldn’t be about ‘buy this’, ‘subscribe to that’, ‘me me me’ all the time … be inventive. You’ll find me on Twitter using @Freelancealot—we can have a game of online ‘I Spy’.

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Credits: Stock Illustrator and Freelance Designer, Norebbo (@Norebbo) for the free Twitter vector.