Freelancealot Adopts ‘Freelance’ From Communication Charity

Adopt A Word Certificate for FreelanceChildren’s communication charity I CAN, supported by Collins, has put the English language up for sale and thinks it’s a cracking idea! Immediately upon visiting the ‘Adopt a Word‘ website, it was obvious that we just had to adopt one of the little critters. Due to the nature of our business—freelance secretarial and editorial support—the decision was an easy and obvious one, and so we adopted ‘Freelance‘.

Freelance (n.): a self-employed person doing specific pieces of work for various employers. [From Collins Online Dictionary] E.g. We need to hire a freelance to work on this book project.

Freelance (adj): self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. [From the Concise Oxford Dictionary] E.g. We need the services of a freelance proofreader for our magazine.

Freelance (n): historical: a mercenary in medieval Europe. [From the Concise Oxford Dictionary]

We’ll be providing our newly adopted English word with a good home throughout the coming year.

The Adopt a Word campaign is a fun way for businesses and individuals to donate to a worthwhile charity. Even the celebtities are doing it; Stepen Fry has adopted ‘wordy’ and Terry Jones plumbed, unsurprisingly, for ‘python’. Why not join them and adopt a word that speaks to you; it could be solecism, catachresis, or satori.

All proceeds go to I CAN and its work to help children who struggle with speech, language, and communication skills.

[WARNINGBlatant Horn-blowing Ahead: Please visit the editorial services page on to learn more about our freelance proofreading, copy-editing,  and sub-editing services.]

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