World Cup 2010: Rustenburg Accommodation Site Gets Facelift


Website Design for
Website Design for

If you haven’t got your accommodation in Rustenburg, South Africa, for the World Cup 2010 sorted out yet, get yourself over to This site offers B&B accommodation at very reasonable prices. The high standard of houses they offer all belong to local owners who have temporarily made their homes available to visitors for the World Cup.

Sports Accommodation International, acts as an international agent by introducing guests to the Rustenburg home owners. Together with Von Wielligh Property Management they match guests with home-owners and manage/facilitate the end-to-end accommodation process.

Prices start at £55 (USD 90/ EUR 62) per person per night. was delighted when Sports Accommodation International contacted us about redesigning their website. They had put together quite an extensive site themselves, but it really needed a professional to come in and clean up the HTML code and come up with a look that would convey the atmosphere of South Africa, football, and accommodation (of course!). We had a very short time in which to come up with the overall design concept and then build the web pages. We completed on time and built a website that our client was very pleased with.

Below is the client’s recommendation to one of his business contacts.

Tracy provided an excellent service in designing my football accommodation website, as you have seen, and has exceeded my expectations.

I found that Tracy was able to offer all the required skills to design a website: graphic creativity, choosing the correct effect with colours, search engine optimisation,  editing and technical website development skills.

Print Ad -
Print Ad –

Indeed, the client also asked us to design a print ad to go in the FourFourTwo football magazine. We used Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 to create the ad. The South African flag image was sourced through iStockphoto. The completed artwork was supplied as a CMYK 300dpi PDF ready for printing.