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Green Christmas Appeal — Offset Your Carbon Footprint recently received an invitation to become an Official Partner of the Green Christmas Appeal, which is supported by David Bellamy, needless to say, after talking to Marvin Baker, we signed up. RECEIVE A 33% DISCOUNT by using our Partner Offset Code ‘freelancealot’ at their online store.

The Green Christmas Appeal aims to plant 100,000 trees around the UK before January 2010 while at the same time they will supply computers to 50,000 underprivileged third-world children. Their mission needs the support of small businesses and individuals who want to take positive action to help the environment with the added bonus of providing educational opportunities for children who would otherwise fail to learn skills we all take for granted.

The Green Christmas Appeal is not a charity, it is a social enterprise which makes profit from the trees they sell. These profits are what enable the organisation to supply computers to African children through the charity Computer Aid (registered charity # 1069256). For every 100 trees the Green Christmas Appeal sells, they will purchase one PC which will be used by around 50 children.

As a business you can register to become a partner of the Green Christmas Appeal via their web. As a virtual assistant, you can pledge a tree for every new client you sign up. Here at we are pledging a tree for every new confirmed website design order received by December 31, 2009. CONTACT US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.

As an invidual you can support them by dedicating a tree via the Green Christmas Appeal online store. Let the Green Christmas Appeal plant a tree for you. By planting a tree you will be offsetting 10% of your annual carbon footprint while also encouraging biodiversity, by providing a home for wildlife. Makes a great Christmas gift for your green-minded friends and family.

RECEIVE A 33% DISCOUNT by using our Partner Offset Code ‘freelancealot’ in the check out process.

It’s not just for Christmas! Once Christmas has been and gone they will be rebranding slightly as of January 2010.

“Whether you are planning on planting a tree, giving a tree as a present, or offsetting some or your entire carbon footprint, you can make a difference to the welfare of the planet.”