Top Office Kit: Excellent Laptop Stand

PodiumPad Laptop Stand
PodiumPad Laptop Stand

I’ve not been using a laptop as my main computer for very long—I’ve always had a ‘desktop’ or ‘tower’ Mac—but when my eMac died I had to start using my MacBook Pro laptop full time. As I didn’t have a separate monitor to plug in, I was using the laptop screen for over eight hours a day and I began to feel the strain on my neck and down my back as I scrunched up in my seat to get a good viewing angle.

I finally decided to treat myself to a laptop stand. I did the research… we’re talking about trusting this stand to hold my beautiful and efficient 17″ MacBook Pro…so I did more research until I finally decided on the PodiumPad by Road Tools. The only place I could find it online for UK consumers was at Apple’s UK online store for £24.95 (+VAT and P&P). Although Apple said it would take one to two weeks to ship, it actually arrived within five days—a good omen.

The stand is simple to put together and comes with an expanding-strip which allows the stand to hold larger laptops, perfect for my 17″ MacBook. The feet stick to my wooden desk like only very sticky things can… my laptop sits on top and isn’t going anywhere bar an earthquake (okay, so I won’t guarantee that!). Road Tools say: ‘The base plate’s trapezoidal shape and the “tube and cylinder” risers provide a stable base for serious typists.’ They’re not wrong.

The PodiumPad’s ‘rock-solid, adjustable-tilt pivot base’ provides four different positions for your laptop, including a negative keyboard tilt so you can make yourself comfortable for long periods of typing. As a virtual assistant I do a lot of audio transcription and this stands has raised my laptop screen to a perfect height—so I no longer look like Quasimodo sat in front of my laptop. 😉 It’s all about ergonomics, read ‘Ergonomic Guidelines for Arranging a Computer Workstation—10 Steps for Users‘ by Cornell University’s Ergonomics Lab.

The base of the stand smoothly pivots 360 degrees, but is stiff enough not to move around of it’s own accord. This ability to pivot the screen is proving handy when getting a colleague’s opinion on something I’m writing or in showing off the latest web design in a client meeting.

There is, of course, the added bonus of heat dissipation which means my already ‘cool’ MacBook doesn’t overheat.

I admit I’ve only been using the PodiumPad for a couple of weeks, and I haven’t used or tested any other laptop stands, but I definitely recommend the PodiumPad.