Graphic Design: The Shoebox Art Fair, Littlehampton

Euphrosene Labon, contemporary mystical artist, freelance journalist, and mind body spirit author — and occasional contributor to The Freelancealot Herald — is helping to organise the Shoebox Art Fair to be held in The Windmill Studio in The Windmill Entertainment Centre, Littlehampton, West Sussex on July 26, 2009.  The Shoebox Art Fair is open to artists from outside the region, so why not take the opportunity to attract new buyers during the busy tourist season.

The Shoebox Art Fair is open to all genres of art. The registration fee is only £25 for a shared table, £50 for a table on your own. With the Shoebox Art Fair, whatever sales you make, you keep, paying no commission — for this year at least.

The event will be open to the public from 11.00-16.00pm, with artist access from 10.00 to allow for adequate set up — although the general idea is to make it as portable as possible. Hence the idea of using a ‘shoebox’.

Space is limited at The Windmill Studio so don’t delay, visit Inspire Leisure’s website for further information. You can also download the registration from for their website.

Good luck to you all, and well done to Euphrosene and her colleagues for all their hard work.