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Small Claims Saga: Payment Gratefully Received

Scales of JusticeFurther to our post of August 28 (Small Claims: Warrants and Bailiffs), and somewhat surprisingly, the next day we received a cheque for the full amount, along with a complimentary slip. We submitted it to our bank and awaited the outcome — apparently we would have to wait six days before the bank could confirm that it had been cleared [a topic which needs it’s own post, I fear!]. Would the cheque be honoured or bounced? Had one of the other claimants already filed a Third Party Debt Order, freezing First Metal’s account? I could almost hear the excuse; a voice saying, ‘But I tried to pay! It’s not my fault that someone like you has frozen my account’.

But all was well. Once the banks had sent their runners between the two branches and the money had been hauled over to my account [I presume that’s why cheques take so long to process] we notified the bailiffs in Stockport and put an end to our claim.

We will be posting our answer to the original question posed in our post of long ago (February 2006) Small Business and the Small Claims Court (UK), namely ‘So, how easy is it for a small business in England to recover debts from non-paying customers?’