Artists & Photographers: Sell Your Work Online

I was recently asked by a client of ours — Vandevelde Photography — whether we could add a function to his website in order for him to be able to sell his images online.

His main requirements were:

  • To be able to upload the images himself into different categories and albums
  • For visitors to be able to order prints of his work as well as download hi-res versions
  • To be able to password protect albums for his wedding photography customers

Whilst looking around for various solutions, I came across a demo of PhotoStoreTM from It costs US$ 295 for the script, which includes installation on your web server and one year of free upgrades. You’ll need a hosting package that includes PHP and MySQL, as well as GD Library 2.0 (or higher).

You could be selling your photographs or artwork online within 48 hours!!

Here’s some blurb from their website:

PhotoStore allows you to setup a complete photo selling website on your server or hosting space in just minutes. Perfect for professional photographers looking to sell their images or prints to their customers online. It also works for anyone who would like to run a stock type site. It is specially great for event photographers such as weddings, sports, kids sports, animal shows, races, concerts, and many more. This allows event photographers to upload their complete event for viewing both by public, or private clients. Which most event photographers turn profits from prints or downloads. Not only can you produce sales, but this is a complete professional website package that can land you new clients.

Checking out the demo it looks like a nifty little script to get you up and running easily and quickly without having to have any knowledge of HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc. Although, if you do dabble in web design, then you can customise the template (or so it says on their website).

There are other options out there, and I will address these in a future article.

[WARNINGBlatant Horn-blowing Ahead: you can always make use of our web design service if you prefer to have a bespoke design for your PhotoStore site.]