Launches New Website for 2006!

We are proud to launch our new website for 2006. We have redesigned the site to make navigation easier, to make it more cross-browser friendly, and more accessible to the visually impaired and those who use the keyboard for navigation (rather than a mouse). XHTML and CSS have been used to separate content from layout, resulting in improved performance and compatibility with web standards compliant browsers. Designing web sites in XHTML and CSS makes it easier to build sites that meet the growing number of laws and policies regarding web accessibility.

We hope you find the new site easy to use and easy on the eye. If you experience any problems whilst browsing the site, please contact us via our contact form, giving the page/s and the problem (please also let us know which browser you use (eg, Internet Explorer v6) and the operting system (eg. XP Pro (SP2), OSX 10.2.8).

We’ll miss Cyber Guinevere, Cyber Pendragon, Web-Alchemist Merlin, Midi-Minstrel, Lady of the Links, and Morgan Le FAQs! In fact, we’re so fond of the old site that we’ve left it online, so if you’re feeling nostalgic… click here!