About Us

Founded in 2000 in Staffordshire, England, Freelancealot.co.uk provides professional virtual assistant services. Whether you're located in Derbyshire or as far away as the United States or Australia, Freelancealot offers convenient and professional business support including secretarial, editorial, and website design services.

Freelancealot is run by its two partners, Tracy Shorrock and Andrew Cartwright.

Services include audio transcription, wordprocessing, diary and e-mail management, spreadsheets, presentations, data entry, proofreading, copy-editing, sub-editing, desktop publishing, sound editing, original music composition, sound effects, and much more.

Use our contact form to find out how we can support you and your business or project and ensure it runs smoothly and on time.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant provides off-site support in their areas of expertise to businesses and individuals who lack the time, space, or resources to hire an employee or to those who just appreciate the many practical, financial, and environmental benefits of using a virtual assistant. We have many years of professional experience in roles from a range of industries including advertising, banking, PR, publishing, journalism, graphic design, media, telecommunications, IT, teaching, music—all of which you can benefit from.

And the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

You can hire a virtual assistant, with whom you will have direct communication, on a long-term or ad-hoc basis.

The financial advantages include: no extra equipment or furniture to buy and maintain; no payroll or taxes to worry about; no extra health and safety concerns; you only pay for the time your VA has concentrated on your work—you don't pay for training or tea-breaks, holidays or sickness, pensions or parental leave; there is no need for you to be tied to the office to supervise the 'Temp'; no agency or 'middle-man' fees to incur; less energy consumption by your business.

The environmental advantages include: no commuting, so less traffic congestion and fuel combustion resulting in less worker stress and environmental pollution; less paper and ink usage resulting in a decrease in demand upon the planet's forests and a reduction in industrial-chemical pollution; your VA will work from home, so removing the need to heat another room or building and reducing the waste from miscellaneous items such as milk cartons and coffee tins, lunch wrappers, and cleaning products.

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