Claim Your Unpaid Invoices Online

Scales of Justice

If you have a claim for a fixed amount, ie. you know the exact sum of money, including interest (as in my case with an unpaid invoice), you can make and track your claim online using Her Majesty’s Court Service Money Claim Online.

First Stop: The BPPC Website

The BPPC have provided a ‘library’ of sample letters to help you get paid on time, including a letter informing a debtor that statutory interest and compensation for debt recovery costs will be charged on an existing debt. Launches New Website for 2006!

We are proud to launch our new website for 2006. We have redesigned the site to make navigation easier, to make it more cross-browser friendly, and more accessible to the visually impaired and those who use the keyboard for navigation (rather than a mouse). XHTML and CSS have been used to separate content from layout, […]