The ‘When Can You Call Yourself a Virtual Assistant’ Debate

Individuals, small businesses, or large corporate organisations looking for someone to outsource their overload of work to don’t have time to figure out which side of the fence you, as a virtual assistant, sit on. They just want to know whether you have the time and skills to do the job and whether your fees are within their budget.

Voipfone Wins Award has been using Voipfone for our Voice Over Internet service for two years now, and we’ve found them very reliable. They have a wide range of useful telecommunication services and their customer support team has been easy to contact, both by phone and email, and have proved to be very helpful on the rare occasion we needed assistance.

Finding Your Virtual Assistant — It’s Not Rocket Science!

Choosing your new virtual assistant may seem daunting: you want someone professional, efficient, reliable; someone with initiative who is flexible in their working methods and will thus be able to integrate your business procedures into their working day. You want your virtual assistant to be confidential, interested in your business goals, and up-to-date with new technology and web-based developments. So give them a call and talk them one-to-one!